Little Friends

Ever since I was a small child, I have always loved birds. I attribute this to spending many hours with my nan in her garden at Shoreham, spotting little birds hopping about, eating tiny insects. She taught me their names and their calls, and I delighted in watching their antics.

Some things don’t change! Now, I am lucky enough to work part-time for a jeweller at a tranquil artists’ studio on the Mornington Peninsula, purpose-built in middle of the bush. While I sit working at my bench, little wrens unknowingly come flitting up near the windows to gather their lunch. Recently there have been several brilliant, blue boys, who persistently chase the poor girls around – so naughty! They always seem to have lots of girlfriends. After heavy rain they have a ball bathing in the puddles, splashing around and dipping ther heads under the water.

My love of nature, and photography, has led me to establish Hello Percy. I’m so excited to have gotten to this stage! It has taken a lot of research, time and love, and I hope people can appreciate the personality of the little characters in this range of cards. I love talking to the animals, and hope I can continue to incorporate it into my job. Even though I get some strange glances at times… Oh well!

Another little friend – baby Blue Wren. So fluffy!


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  1. Posted by miss elise on October 25, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    Oh my hat, what a nice blog…! x


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